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You'll already find Coz a very friendly place. But read this article for some tips on how to break out of the mold and maybe even make some new friends on your next vacation.


Cozumel Carol's Blog

Writer/Photographer Carol McCutch has been chronicling life on Cozumel since she moved here in 2004. She has her own blog but we decided she was ready for a wider audience. Check her pages for wonderful photos and commentary of the natural world and life on the island. Highly recommended!

Cozumel, My Cozumel ....

There's really nowhere else in the Caribbean like quirky, sweet-natured little Cozumel island.

Explore it for a day and you'll want to come back for more. Stay a week and chances are good you'll already be planning your next trip to "Coz" on the airplane home. (The island can be seriously addicting.)

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This website is an accurate, frequently up-dated guide to All Things Cozumel. The editors live on the island full-time. So it's easy for us to stay abreast of everything that's happening locally.

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Come on down, the water's fine! Our expert guides suited up and scoped the entire island to bring you the Inside Scoop on Where, When & How. All you need to know to plan a Cozumel snorkeling vacation.
Although Mexican specialties from all over the country are available at restaurants on Cozumel, Yucatecan cooking has its own style and flavorings. If you want help figuring out what to order at the little loncherias and taquerias around town, you might want to check out this guide before you leave home. Cozumel Cooking
A candid interview with the famous Carlos Vega, a local fisherman who has seen it all -- and done it all. This article should answer most of your questions about Cozumel charter fishing as well as offering some interesting insights on this history of the sport on this island.
A new, expanded section with information and articles for locals, semi-locals and anyone contemplating a move to our fair island. Travellers will want to check this section periodically for the Hot Tips section which lists new restaurants and services. Cozumel Cooking
Fishing the Cozumel Anglers Flats
Off the northern tip of Cozumel are 3 beautiful lagoons, Montecristo, Paso Balem and Rio de la Plata. Each teems with fish and wildlife and are favorite spots for anglers. Marylander, Bill Connell, took this trip with his 83 year old Dad and offers this report for other fishermen
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