Cozumel for FOODIES!

Cozumel for FOODIES!

Is Cozumel food for FOODIES? The answer is definitely YES! Whether your dining style is white damask elegance, hunkering down at the neighborhood cantina or whipping up your own taste treats at home in your rented villa or condo, you’ll find eating in Cozumel to be a rich and varied experience.

Cozumel My Cozumel taquitos

For one thing, basic ingredients-particularly seafood and produce–tend to be fresh, plentiful and high in quality. For another, you’re in the Yucatan, indisputable home of one of the greatest cuisines in the world..

Cozumel My Cozumel Yucatecan Cuisine

This combination of outrageously fresh ingredients and a cuisine renowned for the exquisite complexity of its sauces makes eating here–whether out or in–an Adventure in Gastronomic Pleasure.

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