Cozumel Cruiser Tours

Cozumel My Cozumel cruise shipThis is our “best of the best” list of Cozumel cruise tours. Sure, you can take the tours offered by your ship. That will be your most convenient option. But almost certainly not your most economical. Nor is a cruise line arranged tour usually your best quality for the money.

Ship tours are by their very nature pack ’em in affairs. You will get much more bounce for your vacation dollar going with one of the highly reputable and extremely personalized local companies you’ll see recommended below.

We live on the island full-time. That means that, unlike many websites that offer tour recommendations, we have the luxury of being able to check out all the local businesses that offer organized tours and activities.

We also know how precious vacation time is and we just don’t need the money enough to book you on something we don’t think is excellent value on a fine service. All the organized activities you see listed below are top-quality in our opinion. You won’t be disappointed.

NOTE: All the tours and organized activities offered below have totally bilingual staffs. They are also all extremely conscious of cruise ship schedules. You will not miss your boat if you choose one of these tours. They’ll have you back in plenty of time. And if they’re not sure they can do that, they’ll tell you so and send you someplace more suitable for your schedule

A one-of-a-kind sailing experience

A 6 hour taste of the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle, this trimaran sail trip includes a delicious lunch plus a trip to your own private beach at the far north end of the island.. Drinks, food, gear for fishing or snorkeling are all provided for you. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about this very enjoyable island adventure. TIP: This is a 6 hour trip that can end up being longer if the wind isn’t right. So to be on the safe side, don’t sign up for this excursion unless your ship will be in port from at least 8 AM until 6 PM.

The Atlantis Submarine Tour

Cozumel My Cozumel Atlantis SubmarineA One-of-a-Kind Experience. Dive to 100 ft and check out the underwater world of famous Chankannab Reef aboard an ingeniously-designed submersible. Definitely one for the books! Click Here to Read More.

The One That Didn’t Get Away: Great Deep Sea Fishing!

As you already know if you’re a sportsman, the fishing off Cozumel is spectacular particularly between March and July when the bill-fish are running. But there’s a lot of good stuff to catch all year round if you go with the right captain. CLICK HERE to FIND OUT MORE.

Fishing the Cozumel Flats

Spinning and Casting in the northern lagoons. Carlos Vegas is famous in sports-fishing circles with numerous write-ups in national magazines. He’s a third generation Cozumeleno and has s been been fishing the rich and isolated lagoons of Cozumel and Cancun since he was a boy. If you are a fly fisherman — or would like to learn how — a trip out with Carlos or one of his small crew of hand-picked and personally trained guides is a rewarding experience pretty much any month of the year. Click Here to Read More

Take a short, PADI-approved course to test the waters.

Always wanted to try your hand at scuba diving but haven’t gotten around to investing the time and money involved in taking a full course?  Then the intense, incredibly high-visibility waters of Cozumel are the perfect place to test the waters of this popular sport.

3-hour Discover Scuba classes are perfect for helping you decide if you want to go the whole hog training in the future. There are many, many excellent and highly qualified instructors on the island to help you with this. Some work out of large dive shops and handle larger groups at a time. We think your best bounce for the dollar is going to be a very small, very personalized class. We’ve found a couple of independent operators — super good instructors who specialize in one-on-one classes for the same price as you’d pay for a group class. Most will take up to 4 provided all are friends and/or family. Click Here to Read More

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