Cozumel: A Tropical Island Paradise

Cozumel has everything you are looking for in a tropical adventure! A tropical island paradise with calm, crystal clear Caribbean waters teeming with brilliantly colored fish and lush palm trees along the powdery sand beaches that sway in the gentle ocean breezes. Warm weather and causal island atmosphere make this an ideal destination vacation for friends and family any time of the year. Savor authentic Mexican dishes, Cozumel many fine restaurants and bars. You’ll love the island!

Cozumel is an island located in the Caribbean just off the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. The island is approximately 11 miles wide by 29 miles long, with one city called San Miguel and small inland village of El Cedral.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, beaches, tropical temperatures are just a few of the main attractions on the island. In addition, you’ll discover numerous other diversions including serious power shopping, endless dining opportunities, water sports of every kind, horseback riding, the nightly water show in the main plaza, and hammocks waiting for you to plop in for an afternoon of leisure. Enjoy the sand beneath your toes, the palm trees along the beach and dramatic sunsets over the Caribbean. You’ll fall in love with the island and the local people who greet you with open arms and warm hearts. Not to mention those ice-cold beers and tasty margaritas!

Cozumel Top 10 Lists

What to know the TOP 10 Cozumel restaurants? Things to do? Beach Clubs? We have everything you are looking for here.

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Cozumel East Side Tour

A tour of the Cozumel's east side is a MUST do! This is our guide to the bars, restaurants, and beacxh clubs that you will find on the the east side of the island

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Cozumel Must Eats

Cozumel has hundreds of restaurants....from cheap eats to find dining. We have created the Top 12 Must Eats list for your next island adventure.

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