Cozumel Things to Do

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Cozumel has some of the best snorkeling

Things to Do on Cozumel

From waters-ports to shopping to soaking up Mayan/Mexican culture, Cozumel is so packed with good stuff to do, that your only problem will be deciding how to cram it all in.

But what you don’t catch this time, you can always put on your list for the next trip. An awfully lot of folks find this place seriously addicting.

We’ve divided the information into two parts. Part one is organized activities including diving, a charmingly laid-back Sailboat Trip, a fascinating cooking class, fishing with an internationally acclaimed, Cozumel-based op, and a great submarine tour.

Everything we rec on this site has been personally checked out by people who actually live here to be sure they are worth your hard-earned vacation dollars. You may find others just as good. But we don’t believe you’ll find any that are better. (But if you think you have, please  E-Mail Us about it!)

Things to Do on Your Own

The second section discusses things to do all on your lonesome. This is a great little island for exploring on your own. It’s virtually impossible to get lost and remarkably safe. So, although we know you’ll enjoy any of the organized activities we’ve checked out and recommend, it’s entirely possible to have a glorious week on the island without signing up for anything special.

If you’re considering bringing the kids along, you’ll want to check out our article Kids and Cozumel for ideas on how to make your family’s time here really special.

To get started with your planning, check these two links:

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Cozumel Things to do on Your Own