Cozumel Basic Travel Information

Cozumel island is a wonderful vacation destination for a number of reasons. There’s the great, affordable food — both at restaurants and at the island’s numerous markets. Attractive Accommodation options are available to fit just about anyone’s pocketbook.

And let’s not forget the excellent Snorkeling and the undisputed fact that Cozumel boasts some of the very best Diving in the world!.

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We have all the major conveniences here like a modern airport and high-speed internet access. Yet the island has retained the charm of its Mayan/Mexican roots. And unlike some Caribbean islands and Mexican resort towns Cozumel is an extraordinarily safe place to visit. This makes it a perfect place to dip into a fascinating foreign culture without having to watching your back every second.

The links in this section of the site is for folks who aren’t already familiar with vacationing on the island. We’ve provided a bit of background information About Cozumel and its interesting little city of San Miguel which may interest you. Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions. And if you still don’t see an answer to your question, join our Facebook group which has a lot of current information.

Cozumel has one of the biggest Carnivals in the Caribbean with events lasting all week and 3 parades.

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