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The Cozumel restaurant list is lengthy….it would take months to eat at them all. The Cozumel restaurants list is divided into 3 categories: High-End, Casual Dining, and Cheap Eats. If we’ve left out a place you love or if you hate one we’ve talked about or have a new one to recommend, please let us know via email!

Keeping up with the restaurants on the island is always a challenge! This page will be updated monthly so please check back to see what’s new!

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NameLocationFood TypePrice Range
100% SaludableBenito Juarez between Av 30 & 35VegetarianCheap Eats
A & D KitchensAv 10 between Calle 2 & 4Gourmet burgers & sandwichesCasual Dining
Arabian TacosAv 30 between Calle 2 & 4TacosCheap Eats
Abuelo GerardoAv 10 between Juarez & Calle 2Multi-CuisineCasual Dining
AgaveMain Benito Juarez PlazaCocktail Bar; RestaurantCasual Dining
Al ChileMain waterfront road. Corner of Melgar & Av Claudio CantoMexicanCasual Dining
Al Pie Del CarbonCorner of Calle 6 & Av 5 and Calle 3 between Melgar & Av 5SteakhouseCasual Dining
AI SushiAv 20 between Calle 6 & 8SushiCasual Dining
Alberto's Beach BarCarretera Costera Sur km 18SeafoodCasual Dining
Alberto's RestaurantMain waterfront road just south of Punta Langosta MallSeafoodCasual Dining
Alfredo di RomaPresidente HotelItalianHigh End
AmbarSouth wing of the main Benito Juarez PlazaMexican fusionCasual Dining
Amparo'sCorner of Av 10 & Calle 2Tex-MexCasual Dining
Azul MaderaCalle 3 between Av 5 & 10SeafoodHigh End
Barbacoa Los MagueyesCalle 85A between Calle 10 & 8MexicanCheap Eats
BasilAv 30 between Calle 3 & Rosado Salas AND Av 30 between Calle 17 & 19Fresh pasta & saladsCheap Eats
Be NaturalJuarez between Av 90 & 95Fresh & HealthyCheap Eats
BenitosCorner of Av 50 & Calle 15ItalianCasual Dining
BindiyaAv 20 between Calle 3 & Rosado SalasIndianCasual Dining
Blú Bistro CafeJust south of town on the main waterfront road. South of the Villa Blanca hotelMulti-CuisineCasual Dining
Blue Angel RestauranteJust south of town on the main waterfront road. Melgar Sur Km 2.2Multi-CuisineCasual Dining
Bubba GumpInternational Cruise PierSeafoodCasual Dining
Buccanos at NightNorth end hotel zoneMulti-ethnic, SeafoodHigh End
Burger KingAv 30 south of Av Andres QRooFast FoodCheap Eats
Burrito GorditosAv 5 between Calle 2 & 4BurritosCheap Eats
CafeCorner of Av 65 & HidalgoMultiCheap Eats
Cafeteria El MaharjaAv 15 between Calle 1 & Rosado SalasCoffee ShopCheap Eats
Cali CaféRosado Salas between Av 10 & 15VeganCasual Dining
Camaron DoradoTransversal road just past the gas stationsTacosCheap Eats
CantaritosCalle 2 between Melgar & Av 5Bar & GrillCheap Eats
Caribe BurgerRosado Salas in front of TelmexHamburgersCheap Eats
Carl's JuniorAcross from the International Cruise TerminalFast FoodCheap Eats
Casa BlancaMain Benito Juarez PlazaMexicanCasual Dining
Casa CuzamilAv 5 between Corner of Rosado Salas & Calle 3Sports BarCheap Eats
Casa DenisEast wing of the main Benito Juarez PlazaMexicanCasual Dining
Casa MissionAv 55 between Juarez & Calle 1Mexican & SeafoodCasual Dining
Cerveceria Punta SurAv 10 between Rosado Salas & Calle 3Brewery; PubCasual Dining
Chac Kay GrillMain waterfront road just south of the Caleta light houseGrillCasual Dining
ChardonnayCorner of Av 5 & Calle 7Mexican; ItalianCasual Dining
Chen RioEast side of the islandMexican; SeafoodCasual Dining
ChiCorner of Melgar & Av 5ChineseHigh End
ChilaquilesMain waterfront road. Melgar between Calle 15 & 17Mexican; SeafoodCasual Dining
ChilangosAv 30 between Morelos and Calle 3HuarachesCheap Eats
Chillin' Bistro & LoungeAv 5 between Calle 3 & 5European style bistroCasual Dining
China ExpressRosado Salas between Av 5 & 10Chinese take outCheap Eats
Chocolatte Espresso BarEast wing of the main Benito Juarez PlazaCoffee Shop; PaninisCheap Eats
Cielito LindoCorner of Av 5 & Calle 3MexicanCasual Dining
Coconuts Bar & GrillEast side of the islandMexicanCasual Dining
Colores y SaboresCalle 5 between Melgar & Av 5MexicanCasual Dining
Corazon ContentoCorner of Av 10 & Calle 2Breakfast; MexicanCasual Dining
Coz Coffee Roasting CompanyNorth wing of the main Benito Juarez PlazaCoffeeCheap Eats
CozumelDreamingCalle 2 between Av 5 & 10Sushi and moreCasual Dining
Crazy King BurritoCorner of 5 Av & Calle 4BurritosCheap Eats
Cuatro TacoCalle 3 between Melgar & Av 5TacosCheap Eats
Del Sur Parrilla ArgentinaCorner of Av 5 & Calle 3ArgentinianCasual Dining
Dick's DiveNorth wing of the main Benito Juarez PlazaBar & GrillCheap Eats
Diego's TacosAcross from the Airport on Av 65TacosCheap Eats
Dominos PizzaCorner of Av 30 & Rosado SalasPizzaCheap Eats
Doña DillaAv Andres QRoo between Melgar & Av 5QuesadillasCheap Eats
Doña Quela50 Av Bis between Calle 21 & 23Fried ChickenCheap Eats
DoradosMain Benito Juarez PlazaMexicanCasual Dining
Dulces Sueños de CozumelAv 5 between Rosado Salas & Calle 3Ice Cream/SweetsCheap Eats
El Amigo MarioCalle 5 Between Francisco Mujica & Av 35TacosCheap Eats
El Billy Asados al CarbonCorner Av 65 and Calle 19BarbequeCheap Eats
El Chef AngelAv 30 between Calle 11 & 13MexicanCheap Eats
Chino MarineroCorner Av 20 & Calle 1Tacos & TortasCheap Eats
El Coctelito Main waterfront road between Calle 10 & 12Sports BarCasual Dining
El CoffeeCalle 3 between Melgar & Av 5Coffee ShopCheap Eats
El FocoAv 5 between Calle 5 & 7TacosCheap Eats
El MapleCalle 6 between Melgar & Av 5, Av 65 between Morelos & HidalgoRustic & Sweet BreadCheap Eats
El MercadoAv 25Mexican Fast FoodCheap Eats
El MoroAv 75 Bis between Calle 4 & 2Latin AmericanCasual Dining
El MuellecitoMain waterfront road. Melgar and Av Andres Q RooMexican; BarCasual Dining
El PalomarMain waterfront road. Corner of Melgar & Calle 10Caribbean; Latin; SeafoodCasual Dining
El PasteHidalgo between 60 and 55 bis & Calle 2 between Melgar and Av 5EmpanadasCheap Eats
El Pescador Marisqueria & BarEast side of the islandSeafood; MexicanCasual Dining
El Rincon CaribeMain waterfront road north of town. Playa Casitas Palapa #4Bar; SeafoodCasual Dining
El ToritoAv 65 between Calle 19 & 17MexicanCheap Eats
El Viejo del MarRosado Salas between Av 5 & 10SeafoodCasual Dining
El VoladoCorner of Av 20 & Xel HaPubCasual Dining
Ernesto's Fajita FactoryMain waterfront road south of town. Km 4MexicanCasual Dining
Faro BurgerCalle 6 between Av 20 & 15HamburgersCheap Eats
Fat TuesdayMain Benito Juarez Plaza and Puerta Maya PierPubCasual Dining
FratelliAv Andres Q Roo between Av 20 & 25Italian; Pizza; Tex MexCasual Dining
Frida'sMain Benito Juarez PlazaMexicanCasual Dining
GirasolesCalle 3 between Av 5 & 10MexicanCasual Dining
Green House CozumelCalle 2 between 5av & MelgarBar & GrillCasual Dining
GuidosMelgar between Calle 6 & 8ItalianHigh End
Habanero's Grill & BarMain waterfront road. Melgar Between Rosado Salas & Calle 3Grill & BarCasual Dining
Hamburguesa HouseAv Andres QRoo between Av 25 & 30HamburgersCheap Eats
Hard Rock CafeSouth of town. Plaza Royal Village Shopping CenterAmericanCasual Dining
Hemingway Lounge, Rest & BarMain waterfront road. Just north of Aeropuerto roadBar & GrillCasual Dining
Papa Hog's/Hog Town CafeMain waterfront road. South of Hotel Villa BlancaMexicanCasual Dining
HootersMain waterfront road in front of the Punta Langosta MallSports BarCasual Dining
Island PizzaAv 50 between Calle 5 & HidalgoPizzaCheap Eats
Islander CozumelAv 5 between Calle 15 & 17Mexican; AmericanCasual Dining
Jeanie's Waffle HouseMain waterfront road. Melgar & Calle 11Mexican; AmericanCasual Dining
Joe's Bar & GrillRosado Salas between Melgar & Av 5Bar & GrillCheap Eats
Kelly's Sports Bar & GrillAv 10 between Calle 3 & 1Sports BarCasual Dining
KintaAv 5 between Calle 2 & 4Mexican BistroHigh End
KondesaAv 5 between Calle 5 & 7Multi-cuisine, SeafoodHigh End
K'ooben LaabAv 30 between Morelos & Calle 5ItalianCheap Eats
Kozumel Fried ChickenAv 25 between Calle 1 & JuarezChickenCheap Eats
La Bendicion (Diez con Quince)Corner of Av 15 & Calle 10MexicanCasual Dining
La Cabena del PescadorNorth hotel zone across from the WestinSeafoodCasual Dining
La CandelaCorner of Av 5 & Calle 6MexicanCasual Dining
La Casa del HabanoMain Benito Juarez PlazaCubanCasual Dining
La Casa del MojitoAv 5 between Rosado Salas & Calle 3CubanCasual Dining
La ChozaAv 10 between Rosado Salas & Calle 3MexicanCasual Dining
La CocayCalle 8 between Av 10 & 15MediterraneanHigh End
La Cocina de SilviaCalle 21 Corner of Av 5Mexican-AmericanCheap Eats
La Cocina ItalianaCalle 6 between Av 10 & 15ItalianCheap Eats
La Conchita del CaribeAv 65 between Calle 13 & 15SeafoodCasual Dining
La CuisineAv Andres Q Roo between Av 5 & 10Fresh & HealthyCheap Eats
La HerraduraAv 30 between Calle 17 & 19MexicanCheap Eats
La LolaMain waterfront road just south of the Punta Langosta MallMulti-cuisineCasual Dining
La MoninaMain waterfront road just north of Aeropuerto BlvdBar & GrillCasual Dining
La NopaleriaAv 65 entre Calle 1 y Rosado SalasTacosCheap Eats
La Perlita Pescaderia y CockteleriaCalle 10 between Av 70 & 65SeafoodCasual Dining
La SirenitaCorner of Av 30 & Calle 1MexicanCheap Eats
Las FlamitasAv 25 between Morelos & Calle 3Comida CorridaCheap Eats
Las PalmasAv 25 between Morelos & Calle 3Comida CorridaCheap Eats
Las TortugasAv 30 between Calle 19 & 21MexicanCasual Dining
Le ChefAv Rafael Melgar between Calle 4 & 6MediterraneanCasual Dining
Lobster HouseNorth hotel zoneSeafoodCasual Dining
Lobster ShackCalle 3 between Melgar & Av 5SeafoodCheap Eats
Los MolcajetesAv 30 between Calle 12 & 14MexicanCasual Dining
Los Moros del MorritoAv 35 sur between Calle 3 y MorelosMexicanCasual Dining
Los NinosAv 60 between Calle 21 & 23Breakfast & BrunchCheap Eats
Los NopalesAv 30 between Calle 17 & 19MexicanCheap Eats
Los OtatesAv 15 between Rosado Salas & Calle 3Tacos & TortasCheap Eats
Los SerasCorner of Av 30 & MorelosTacos, Tortas, PizzaCheap Eats
MacheteCorner of Rosado Salas & Av 5MexicanCasual Dining
Mahi MahiRosado Salas between Melgar & Av 5SeafoodCasual Dining
Mar y JuanaMain waterfront road. Melgar between Calle 5 & 7MexicanCasual Dining
MargaritavilleInternational Cruise PierMulti-cuisineCasual Dining
Mariscos Camilo'sAv 5 between Calle 2 & 4Tex-mexCasual Dining
Mezcalito's Restaurant & Beach BarEast side of the islandBar & GrillCasual Dining
Mi AntojitoAv 10 between Juarez & Calle 2VenezuelanCheap Eats
Midori SushiCalle 3 between Melgar and Av 5SushiCasual Dining
Mr TacoJuarez between Av 55 & 60TacosCheap Eats
Munchin DonutsAv 30 between CAlle 2 & 4DonutsCheap Eats
NandosAv Andres QRoo between Av 25 & 30Hot DogsCheap Eats
New EspeciasCalle 3 between Av 5 & 10ItalianCasual Dining
No Name Bar Beach ClubMain waterfront road just south of the Punta Langosta MallMexicanCasual Dining
No Name Bar Sports BarMain waterfront road just south of the Punta Langosta MallSports BarCasual Dining
NY PizzaMain waterfront road in front of the Punta Langosta MallPizzaCasual Dining
OhanaAv 10 between Calle 6 & 8Deep dish pizza; MexicanCasual Dining
Palmeras RestauranteMain Benito Juarez Plaza on the waterfrontMexicanCasual Dining
Pancho BurgerNorth hotel zone across from the WestinGrillCasual Dining
Pancho's BackyardMain waterfront road. Corner of Melgar & Calle 8MexicanCasual Dining
Pancita QuesadillasAv 30 between Calle 12 & 14MexicanCheap Eats
PaprikaMain waterfront road south of townMulti-cuisineCasual Dining
Pasta RooAvenida Tulum, entre Calle 23 Sur y Calle PaamulItalianCasual Dining
Pepes GrillCorner of Melgar & Rosada Salas Asian, Italian, Mexican, SeafoodHigh End
Perro LocoAv 10 between Juarez & Calle 2Hot DogsCheap Eats
Pescaderia San Carlos50 Av Bis between Rosado Salas & Calle 3SeafoodCheap Eats
Pizza HutCalle 3 between Melgar & Av 5PizzaCheap Eats
Pizzeria NinosAv 10 between Calle 3 & 5PizzaCheap Eats
Plaza LezaMain Benito Juarez PlazaMexicanCasual Dining
Punta MorenaEast side of the islandBar & GrillCasual Dining
Rasta & Freedom in ParadiseWaterfront road south of town. km 29Mexican; SeafoodCasual Dining
Roberto's65 between calle 3 and Rosado SalasMexicanCheap Eats
Rock 'n Java Caribbean Bar & GrillMain waterfront road across from the Mega/Soriana grocery storeMulti-cuisineCasual Dining
RolandiMelgar at Calle 11ItalianHigh End
Rotisserie Chicken places on 30Several locations on Av 30BBQ ChickenCheap Eats
Rotisserie Chicken places on 65Several locations on Av 65BBQ ChickenCheap Eats
Señor FrogsMain waterfront road in front of the Punta Langosta Mall and the International PierBar & GrillCasual Dining
Señor IguanasEast side of the islandBar & GrillCasual Dining
Shaka Snack Bar by RastasMain waterfront road north of town. Playa casitas, palapa #3Bar & GrillCasual Dining
Shakes BeerCalle 1 between Av 10 & 15Bar & GrillCasual Dining
Sharkey's Pub CozumelSouth of town in the Villa Blanca HotelPubCasual Dining
Sky ReefSouth of town on old waterfront road. Km 10Bar & GrillCasual Dining
SorrisiCalle 3 between Melgar & Av 5ItalianHigh End
Soy GardelCalle 6 between Av 5 & MelgarUruguayanCheap Eats
StarbucksMain waterfront road in front of the Punta Langosta MallCoffee ShopCheap Eats
SubwayAv Andres QRoo just east of MelgarSandwichesCheap Eats
Sucré/ Salé caféCalle 4 between Av 10 & 5Coffee ShopCheap Eats
Sunset Restaurant and BarMelgar (KM 3)MexicanCheap Eats
Super HitsCorner Av 30 & Rosado SalasMexicanCheap Eats
Super Hits IICorner Av 30 & Calle 15 (Xel-Ha)MexicanCheap Eats
Sushi & BreakfastAv 30 between Calle 5 & HidalgoJapaneseCasual Dining
Taco y TequilaMain waterfront road in front of Punta Langosta MallMexicanCasual Dining
Tacos El PaiAv 30 Between Morelos & Calle 5MexicanCheap Eats
Taqueria DiazAv 30 between Calle 2 & 4TacosCheap Eats
Taqueria El NeroAv 30 between Rosado Salas & Calle 1MexicanCheap Eats
Taqueria El PiqueAv 30 between Calle 2 & JuarezTacosCheap Eats
Taqueria El SitioCalle 2 between Av 5 & 10TacosCheap Eats
TaquitoEast wing of the main Benito Juarez PlazaMexicanCheap Eats
TentacionesAv 15 between Calle 4 & 2Waffles & crepasCheap Eats
Rock 'n Java Thai Noodle BarMain waterfront road in the Mega/Soriana grocery storeThai; Asian FusionCasual Dining
The Money BarWaterfront road south of town. KM 6.5Bar & GrillCasual Dining
Thirsty CougarMain waterfront road. Corner of Melgar & Calle 3Bar & GrillCasual Dining
Three AmigosPuerta Maya PierMexicanCasual Dining
Tikila BarMain waterfront road. South of townBar & GrillCasual Dining
Timon Cocteleria BarAv Andres Q Roo between Av 25 & 30BarCheap Eats
Tio MemoCorner Av 30 & Calle 13Hamburgers & MexicanCheap Eats
TonitasRosado Salas between Av 10 & 15Comida CorridaCheap Eats
Toro's PlaceMain waterfront road on corner of Melgar & Calle 5MexicanCasual Dining
Turquesa Beach ClubMain waterfront road south of town. South of Hotel Villa BlancaMulti-cuisineCasual Dining
Viva Mexico Snack BarMain waterfront road. Corner of Melgar & Rosado SalasBarCasual Dining
Wet Wendy's Margarita HouseNorth wing of the main Benito Juarez Plaza.Bar & GrillCasual Dining
Woody's Bar and GrillMain Benito Juarez PlazaBar & GrillCasual Dining

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