Cozumel Snorkeling Tips

Judging the Currents

Cozumel has excellent snorkeling. The force and direction of the offshore currents varies daily. Understanding the “current of the day” and taking its’ direction and speed into account in making your snorkeling plan can make the difference between having a long, leisurely cruise or exhausting yourself.

Cozumel My Cozumel diving imageFirst, get in the water at your put in of choice (see Snorkeling from Shore). Next, determine which direction the current is moving today. Once you know the direction of the current, start your snorkel tour by swimming against it and close in to shore. The current will be less strong here and there are always plenty of interesting small things to see close in.

When you’re ready to start back, turn around and let the current help you drift back to your original entry point. Rule of thumb: Try to avoid swimming against the current as much as possible. Go with it instead. If you find yourself being pulled where you don’t want to go, swim parallel to the shore with the current and then cut back towards land at a 45 degree angle.

Practicing Ahead of Time

The basic breathing through a snorkel technique is easy enough for a 6-year-old to master. But if you’ve never tried it before, you might enjoy practicing ahead of time in a local swimming pool or even the bathtub.

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