Cozumel Links That We Like

Café Cancun
Attractive, very well-written site with some fascinating stories about life in Cancun and some extremely helpful shopping tips. Well worth a look

The Map Chick
If you’re traveling to Cozumel, Cancun or the Riviera Maya, you’ll have a better time if you take along one of these self-published but extremely professional maps. We wished they’d been around when we first began to explore the area but we purchase each update even now to see what new little out of the way places they’ve mapped out and found for us to check.

This Guadalajara-based ‘zine is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in living or spending time traveling in Mexico. Tons of legal info, new feature articles every month, plus active, erudite forums.

People’s Guide to Mexico
Just like their wonderful book by the same name, Carl and Lorena Franz have thrown themselves into making this site an entertaining and very useful resource for anyone planning a trip to anywhere in Mexico.

Divers Links

Cozumel is part of one of the last great coral reef systems in the world. Want to help safeguard it? check out this site to find out what you can do to help.

Under Currents Magazine
If you’re a serious diver and don’t know about this great ‘zine, no time like the present to get on board. Called the “Consumer Reports of Diving” by Business Week this online publication provides unbiased reviews of scuba diving resorts, scuba equipment, and dive health and safety issues.

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