Cozumel Dental Services

Cozumel Dental Services
Cozumel My Cozumel quality dental services

Cozumel has excellent dental services. Dental procedures can cost thousands of dollars and are often not covered by insurance due to their cosmetic nature. Cozumel dental services provides you with affordable, high quality dental treatment while enjoying a relaxing vacation!

Cozumel My Cozumel affordable dental services

Dental treatments include: cleaning and whitening; crowns and veneers; dental prosthesis; extractions; implants and white resin fillings/inlays. Plus much more!

Advanced Dental Care
Dentist: Dr. Flor Vianey Cruz, Dr. Isidoro Posada Pineda and Dr. Luis González
Location: Plaza i95 across from Puerto Maya Pier
US phone:  404-980-6587
Local phone: 987-989-0191
WhatsApp: 987-871-9402

Clinica Dental Mariles
Dentist: Dr. Mariles
Location: Calle 15 and Adolfo Rosado Salas #201
Phone: 987-872-1352

Dentist: Multi dentists
Location: Calle 1 and Av 50
Toll free from USA: 855-301-4111
Toll free in Mexico: 01-800-900-1133

Cozumel Dental Service
Dentist: Dr. Nora Hernandez Lavie
Location: 20 Av between Calle 7 & Hidalgo
Phone: 987-872-5754

Cozumel Dentist Alejandra Novoa
Dentist: Dr. Alejandra Novoa Carus
Location: Av 30 entre Rosado Salas & Calle 1 (Burger King Plaza)
Phone: 987-869-8189

Dental Care Cozumel
Dentist: Dr. Yazmin Ibrahim Alfie
Location: Ave 10 and Calle 5 sur
Phone: 987-869-7857

SUNSHINE SMILES @Amerimed Hospital
Dentist: Dr. Aurelio Artesta
Location: Adolfo Rosado Salas 999 entre 85 Av Bis
Phone: 987-688-5747

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