Cozumel Welcome Wagon

Don’t get us wrong. Cozumel can be a great place to live for the right kind of person. But if you haven’t spent long periods of time in Latin America, it can take some getting used to. Even old Mexico hands will have an adjustment period when they first move to the island. Because they have their own way of doing things here.

Cozumel My Cozumel sunsetThat’s what this section of the site is all about. The writers, all of whom live here full-time, remember well the frustrations and confusions of our early days as residents, home-owners, business people, etc. Some of us are holding out a hand to you now so that maybe you can do it a little faster and a little better than we did the first time around.

We’ll try to keep you up-dated on important issues like immigration, car ownership, etc. In addition, if you don’t see an answer to a question that’s been driving you wild, E-Mail Us. We’ll answer it and add it to these pages to help other people that come after you.

Once you’re settled in we hope you’ll get involved in the community yourself and perhaps even contribute your own Hot Tips, stories or interesting discussion threads about island living.

This page is currently in the works. So for questions that need immediate attention, check out our Facebook page. Read the old messages anduse the Search function. And if you still don’t find what you need to know, or want something more current, simply take a moment post away.

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