Cozumel Snorkeling Equipment

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One of the great things about snorkeling is how little equipment you actually need. The Cozumel snorkeling equipment you will need is a good fitting snorkel mask, a snorkel tube to breath through, and fins. If you’re unsure how to pick a dive mask, CLICK HERE. You can choose a simple snorkel tube. But one with 1 to 2 valves is a very comfortable convenience.

If you are very nearsighted, you can wear soft contacts for snorkeling. Or if even disposable, soft contacts aren’t your cup of tea, you can have a prescription added to your mask.Allow 3 to 6 weeks for this option as it will usually have to be done long distance.

Some companies like Sheerwood, Scubapro and Mare have masks already set up for changing the glass lens to your prescription.

TIP: Under the water everything is magnified by about 25%. So if you’re adding a prescription lens, adjust accordingly.

Another important although not totally essential item for snorkeling — fins. A good fitting pair is highly recommended for Cozumel. It will make your snorkeling a lot more fun and very safe. Because Cozumel always has currents which vary daily in their direction and speed. Fins make you a much more powerful swimmer than you would ever be without them.

Open-heel fins are your best bet here because you can wear them with the ankle-high dive booties. Boots are are very convenient for Cozumel shore snorkeling as many of the best put in spots are over rocky iron shore that can be tough on tender tootsies.

However, if you already have full foot fins and don’t feel like making the investment in a pair open heel fins and dive booties, there are several shore entry points described below that provide easy entry without foot protection.

Another good equipment investment particularly for weak swimmers is a snorkel vest. These blow-up vests will give newbies a safe experience. Also the brightly colored vests are a good safety feature as boat captains can see them a long way off. 200 lbs plus people may wish to consider a regular (usually orange) life vest. This type of wrap-around vest will give you added buoyancy at the surface.

Some type of waterproof pouch for your keys and money is another useful piece of equipment. Test it out before making your final decision, however. We’ve bought several that claimed to be waterproof. They weren’t and we had a lot of soggy pesos to show for our mistake.

If you’ve never snorkeled before and want to try it before you invest in equipment, you can rent masks, snorkels and fins at Chankanaab Park very inexpensively for a day.
But if you find you like it, you’ll definitely want to get your own stuff that fits perfectly. If you choose this option, we would advice bringing along a little bottle of half bleach half water to personally sanitize your rented mask and snorkel.

Masks and fins are best purchased in person to be sure you’ve got the right fit. If you purchase open heel fins, you also need to buy the boots that will work with them. Buy them back home if you can as you’ll save a lot of money. Thanks to the 35% import tax, equipment is very expensive down here. However, if you can’t find a mask that fits you back home, the Pro Dive Store on the corner of Adolfo Rosada Salas and Avenida 5 has quite a large selection of masks and snorkels at decent — if not bargain prices. Other items listed above can be ordered via the internet.

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