Cozumel El Centro Accommodations for 1-2 People.

Yes, fans, we’ve been out beating the pavement, bouncing on mattresses, ogling bathroom grout and peering into mini-fridges to come up with this list of recommended places to stay for couples and singles.

Cozumel My Cozumel villa for rentAll rates listed are in US Dollars. When a range of prices is given it represents approximate off-season prices for the least expensive room. The high figure is the high season price for the most expensive room. Rates are for up to 1-2 people sharing the space. Additional people in the same room generally adds between $10-$15 per person per night to the tab (and makes for pretty crowded living conditions.) Rates do NOT include the 12% sales tax unless specifically stated. Prices on the lower priced rooms are often negotiable if you walk in and they have space.

Hotel Pepita
Avenida 15 between Salas and Calle 1

How to Contact: Unless you speak decent Spanish, you may be better off just walking in. Chances are good they will have a room as this place isn’t right down on the waterfront. From outside Mexico: 01 52 987 872 0098.

Price: Around $45/night. plus tax

Features: Good location and a great price. The two stories of rooms are centered around a small, open courtyard area which includes a large, covered area with a long table with a coffee pot set up at one end. I saw a dapper Mexican gentlemen sitting here when I visited, drinking coffee and taking notes in a book.

Comments: Rooms are spartan with no sitting area in the room but it does have cable tv, AC and fridge and the rooms look clean. Very nice staff. If you’re on a tight budget, this would be our best recommendation at this point.

Caribe Hotel
Calle 2 between Ave 15 and Ave 20

How to Contact: Ask to Speak to Manuel Brito and speak slowly. From outside Mex call: 011 52 987 872-0325 or 4283. email:, FAX: 011 52 987-872-3242

Price: $45-$60 double

Features: Nice pool and garden area. Very quiet street but highly convenient downtown location

Comments: Well kept up with a friendly staff.

Aguilar:  Calle 3 Sur between the waterfront & Ave 5

How to Contact: (011 52 987) 872-0307 & ask for Mayte.
or FAX (011 52 987) 872-0769

Price: $60/night + tax.

Features: Attractive garden and pool area with good shade. Plenty of off street parking. They’ll deal and generally offer better rates to return customers of whom they have many. Great Location 1/2 block from waterfront and close to the plaza.

Comments: As with the two other places listed above, rooms are spartan with no sitting area. Bathrooms clean and with large showers but definitely showing their age with cracked tiling, grout that could use redoing in some cases and calcification on the shower fixtures. Friendly staff that speaks enough English to get by.

Flamingo Hotel
Calle 6 1/2 block in from the waterfront

Price:$69-79 + 12% tax

Features: Really helpful, friendly international staff. Very attractive open-air restaurant on the first story. Terrace on the roof has a nice view of the sea. Good place to sit in the evenings.

Comments: Rooms are pretty spartan but very clean and quite large. American owner has been upgrading in past months. Only some rooms have fridges so ask for this feature. Fast to Answer via e-mail. Good location!

Villas Ixchell
Ave 55 Bis between 15 and 17

How to contact:

Prices: $35-$65, tax included

Features: Great landlady who helps you hit the ground running and feeling like a local very quickly. Fast to answer e-mails. Owner is a well-known dive instructor and is a super resource for setting up your dive packages or any instruction you care to take.

Comments: These clean, well-designed apartments are 8 blocks beyond the perimeter of El Centro but we’ve made an exception and included them here because they’re particularly good for people who want dive packages with their budget accommodations. Tip: rent a bike if you stay at this location.

Vista del Mar
On the waterfront between Calle 5 and Calle 7

How to Contact:

Prices: $64 + tax for oceanfront $56 + for jacuzzi view rooms

Features: large pretty jacuzzi on a deck on the second story out back is very attractive and appeared to be well-maintained when we checked it out recently

Comments: Really nice furniture looks good and is actually comfortable. Rooms not on the ocean are often bigger. Ocean-view room balconies may be a little noisy as they look out on the waterfront drag. Rooms only have a fridge. Some have the tiny fridge, others a larger one so ask about this if this is a concern.

Villas Las Anclas
5th Avenue South # 325 between 3rd & 5th Streets

How to Contact:
Price:$75-80/night, tax included

Features: Very quiet location with a pretty garden outside the rooms. Nice furnishings and a full kitchen. except for no stove–hot plate and Microwave only. Great location! Fresh ground coffee comes with.

Comments: Spacious, attractive design, very clean, bathroom and bedroom in a loft up a narrow spiral staircase in the center of the suite. So don’t stay here if climbing is a problem. Good place for a couple with one child who can sleep on the couch downstairs.

Hacienda San Miguel: Calle 10 Norte #500 Between the Waterfront and Avenida 5

How to Contact: Tel: (52-987) 87-21986
Fax: (52- 987) 87-27043

Price: $67-$110 plus tax

Features: Quiet, convenient location two blocks from El Museo. Nice gardens and comfortable furnishings

Comments: No pool but the studios and apartments, all of which have efficiency kitchens, are built around a courtyard that is quite attractive and well-maintained. We have heard comments that the units were not designed to catch the island breezes and can get stuffy unless you run the AC. Very popular, however.

Casa Mexicana:  Waterfront between Calle 5 and Calle 7

How to Contact: In US: 1-877-228-6747 En Mexico: 01 800 227-2639

Price:$120 + tax oceanfront, $100+ tax garden view

Features: brand new looking, stream-lined and clean as a whistle. Beautifully furnished lobby. Full buffet breakfast every morning and we hear its good enough that local people come in for the Sunday morning buffet.

Comments: Lobby area is a stunner and we can see just hanging out here in the afternoon, reading a book looking at the gorgeous view. Pool is small but lovely (only about 2 ft deep!) and looks out at the ocean from the second story lobby. Extremely attractive hotel with an in-town location that’s hard to beat. Good luxury choice for 1-2 people who want to experience staying downtown. Ask for a fridge as not all rooms come equipped with these. We really think a fridge is a must wherever you stay!

Traveling with a group? Then a villa rental is THE way to go in terms of price, space, privacy and amenities.

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