Cozumel Taxi Tour

Cozumel Taxi Tour
Cozumel My Cozumel Island Taxi Tour

Do you want to tour the island but don’t want to rent a car? We are super excited to share TWO options for your Cozumel Taxi Tour!

Cozumel My Cozumel recommends two taxi drivers that have several years of experience and many, many satisfied customers:

Taz Miranda
Sonny Tushiro Hernandez

Taz and Sonny will see to it that you have a safe, fun trip around the island! YOU can decide the route OR you can leave it up to them to show you the best spots for your island tour.


Cozumel Taxi Driver Taz Miranda

PRICE: $140 USD for 1-4 PASSENGERS (additional passengers are $30 USD each)
TIME: approximately 5 hours
Taz drives an 11 seat van, but has 3 additional taxis so he can accommodate up to 28 passengers at one time!

Cozumel Taxi Driver Taz Miranda

How to Contact Taz:

Cell/WhatsApp: 987.800.8676

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: SNORKELING PACKAGE – Guided Shore Snorkeling Tour + Lunch for $25 USD per person
INCLUDES: Shore snorkel guide, snorkel equipment, delicious Mexican fajitas, one soft drink, Wi-Fi, lounge-chair, umbrella, 5 minute massage.
WHAT TO BRING: Camera, towel, sunscreen (must be biodegradable!), comfortable clothes (hat, swimsuit, shoes, etc.), extra cash. Do not forget a strong desire to have fun….and a big smile!
NOT INCLUDED: Alcoholic beverages.


Cozumel Taxi Driver Sonny Tushiro Hernandez

PRICE: $30 USD per person
TIME: approximately 5 hours

Sonny drives a 11 seat van, so he can accommodate up to ten passengers!

Cozumel Taxi Driver Sonny Tushiro Hernandez

How to Contact Sonny:

Cell/Whatsapp: 987.101.5932

Important to note: Cozumel My Cozumel does not accept paid advertising or commission on food or activities. IF there is a discount, we pass ALL discounts on to our members. We hand pick the businesses we want to feature to ensure the best possible experience for CMC members

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