Cozumel Sailing Tour

Dreaming in Blue: A Day Under Sail in the Mexican Caribbean

There’s something about sailboats that’s so romantic, so peaceful. It’s partly the silence. And then there’s the way you can feel the craft surge when the wind takes the sails just right and you race forward, cutting a crisp swath through the water like a knife slicing cake icing. You will certainly enjoy a Cozumel sailing tour.

If you’ve sailed before, you’ll know what we’re talking about. If not, you owe it to yourself to make Dan Libbert’s tri-maran trip a part of you next Cozumel vacation.

Even if you are an experienced sailor elsewhere, you haven’t lived until you’ve ventured out on the water in this part of the world. If you’re not used to it — and we hope we never get that jaded no matter how much time we spend on the island –the colors and the clarity are nothing short of exhilarating.

The Mexicans in these parts refer to it as Las Siete Colores de Azul — the 7 colors of blue. Lie on one of the stretched canvas seats that cover the openings in the bow of this wide, graceful craft, stare down through the lacing and you’ll see what I mean.

The water is so clear off Cozumel’s coast that you can often gaze down into the depths 30 ft or more. And the colors? They’re the kinds you see in happy dreams –pale aqua where the bottom is sand, deep purple where there’s sea weed or coral, brilliant cobalt further out where the water is deeper. It’s an absolutely mesmerizing experience — intensified even more by the tropical sun warming your back.

The boat is great, too. It has a nice, clean bathroom/dressing room (A head, they’re called on boats in case you didn’t already know this.) Plenty of places to sit comfortably — both in the shade and out of it. The craft is a nice size –big enough so there’s room for at least 15 people plus the crew and everyone has a choice of comfortable places to lounge. Yet small enough to make it feel intimate and personalized.

You will get to know your fellow sailors on this 6-8 hour sail . But chances are good that this will be an entertaining experience as well. Maybe I’m prejudiced. But I like to think that the kind of person who would go to the trouble of rooting out something this special and elegant to do on their vacation is a cut and a half above the average. So they’re probably going to have something amusing to say for themselves.

The boat sets sail between 9 and 10 AM and cruises up north — where there are no crowds. In fact, where we went there was nobody but us — and our own private beach.

If you just want to eat, drink and lounge, you can certainly do that on this trip. The staff will wait on you like you’re Cleopatra and her consorts cruising down the Nile on a barge.

The margaritas and rum punch flow free if that’s your preference. And a luscious grilled chicken and beef lunch with fresh flour tortillas, guacamole and pasta salad with lots of vegetables.

Because, although you can be a boat lizard the whole day if you want, if you’re the active type, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. There’s snorkeling away from the crowds near your own private beach. And the Captain will break out the fishing poles if that’s your desire.

You can try a spinnaker ride if the wind is right. Or take a crack at steering the boat. If the breeze isn’t unruly, I’ll bet Cap Dan will even give you a basic sailing lesson. This tour definitely goes with the flow.

Whether you’re itching to try out every activity or you just want to lean against the gleaming bulkhead while the waves slap the hull and the sail billows overhead, you’ll find plenty to please you about this really special sailing trip.

Dan and Karen have put together an experience that offers a luxurious taste of the Caribbean lifestyle at affordable prices. They spoil you, they really do. But you deserve it, right?

The tour includes all snorkel gear, fishing poles and equipment, hors d’oeuvres, drinks of all sorts including a giant icy cooler for helping yourself to beer and soft drinks to margaritas and rum punches made up for you right on the boat.

Also includes a hearty freshly prepared lunch. The tour lasts approximately 6 hours depending on the wind conditions and what people want to do. If you’re on a tight schedule you should save this excellent excursion for another trip when you can be more leisurely. Because that’s what its all about down here. Cruise ship passengers must be able to get to the marina by 10 AM and depart Cozumel no earlier than 5 PM.

The Blue Water Sailing Tour has a complicated rates schedule to encourage both small and large groups and to accommodate those who wish private vs. public trips. We think their prices are very fair considering the small size of the group, the beautiful, clean craft, the food/drinks/activities. And don’t forget the crew. They really do wait on you hand and foot.

Public Trips The vessel is rated for 30 by the US Coast Guard. However public trips are limited to approximately 14 people (not including the crew). This number will occasionally climb to as high as 17 or even 18 which still makes for a comfortable sail with plenty of shade for everyone.
$90 per Adult, $45 per child 12 & under
Larger Private Charters; (whole boat is for your group alone. Max group size 23. 14 people in your group automatically makes it a private charter. )
$90 per person for the first 14 people. $50 for each additional person after 14