Top 10 Cozumel Must Eat Foods

Top 10 Cozumel Must Eat Foods

We polled our Cozumel My Cozumel Facebook group and have the TOP 10 COZUMEL MUST EAT FOODS! This is a list of the Cozumel must eat foods created by island veterans and frequent visitors. So good you will want to have all 10!

  1. Tacos al Pastor
  2. Ceviche
  3. Cochinita Pibil
  4. Shrimp Tacos
  5. Churros
  6. Esquites
  7. Chilaquiles
  8. Sopa de Lima
  9. Pescado Frito
  10. Chilli Rellenos

Other honorable mentions: Barbacoa de Borrego, Lion Fish Pizza, Marquesitas, Pozole

Here is our suggestion for where to get these
fabulous must eat foods*

Tacos al Pastor Taqueria el Pique, Los Seras, or Taqueria el Nero
Ceviche La Chonchita del Caribe or El Coctelito
Cochinita Pibil Asadero el Billy or El Moro
Shrimp TacosChino Marinero, Camaron Dorado, Diego’s or Camilo’s
Churros Javier the Churro Guy! You see him around
town on his bicycle.
Esquites In the evening at a small stand in the southwest
corner of the main Benito Juarez Plaza
Chilaquiles Benitos or La Candela
Sopa de Lima Casa Denis or Señor Iguanas
Pescado Frito Pescaderia San Carlos
Chilli Rellenos
Bindiya, La Choza or La Mission

*See the Cozumel My Cozumel Restaurant list for restaurant information!

Import to note: Cozumel My Cozumel does not accept paid advertising or commission on food or activities.

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