Top 10 Cozumel Shore Snorkeling Spots

Top 10 Cozumel Shore Snorkeling Spots

We polled our Cozumel My Cozumel Facebook group and have the TOP 10 COZUMEL SHORE SNORKELING SPOTS! This list of the best Cozumel shore snorkeling spots was established by island veterans and frequent visitors. The snorkeling may be free, but be sure to buy drinks and/or food if you are entering via a restaurant/beach club.

Cozumel My Cozumel snorkeling
  1. Money Bar
  2. Sky Reef
  3. Playa Azul
  4. Punta Sur
  5. Buccanos Beach Club/Bar & Grill
  6. Hotel Cozumel (must be a guest or purchase a day pass)
  7. Tikila Bar
  8. Playa Corona
  9. Sunset Cozumel
  10. Turquoise

Import to note: Cozumel My Cozumel does not accept paid advertising or commission on food or activities.

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